Our main asset: our commitment to our employees' development.

El Colaborador

Employee satisfaction

At Logifruit we think our employees are the main asset of the organisation and that is why we support them. The Human Relations Model of the company is based on leadership and focuses on personal satisfaction, continuous professional development and a better work-life balance for everyone in the company.

For these reasons one of the company's principles is: Who has to satisfy a client, has to be satisfied.

One to One policy

Logifruit consists of more than 700 employees within the 12 branches and the headquarters. Our Human Relations Department focuses on managing and satisfying the needs of all our employees and particularly on providing the best work-life balance for them.

We apply the policy of 'One to One' and, accordingly, all cases are treated independently because our employees are not numbers but people that are to be considered as individuals.

Occupational Risks Prevention

Logifruit has its own risk prevention service that specialises in ergonomics and psychology at work. It also has an outsource prevention service that deals particularly with health and safety at work. This type of risk prevention management has reduced our accident rate by 50%.

All our employees are trained on occupational risk prevention so they can carry out their jobs safely while also understanding how to use the mandatory safety equipment which is provided for use both on a daily basis and for other work.

Health control

In Logifruit we conduct periodic health controls based on the identified and assessed risks our employees are exposed to. We divide them into two categories: individual and collective.

Individual: Detecting work related issues which may affect employees' health and to identify sensitive workers.

Collective: data compilation about employees' health.

In order to avoid extra risks some of our riskier processes have now been automated. We have also implemented a new plan of organisational measures and employees accordingly take turns and carry out other activities.

Shared Vision: self-improvement objective

In 2010, Logifruit signed its first collective labour agreement with UGT, CCOO and CGT trade unions. This allows a better and more unified human resources policy and a variable yearly pay rise.

Training Policy

Training is another of our most important principles. We invest a lot in outsource training for employees, particularly in Occupational Risks Prevention, Languages and Leadership.

We also invest in in-house training by offering courses such as 'Work Knowledge and Performance', 'Internal and External Road Safety Plans', work specialization courses (for employees that have been promoted) and so called 'Quality Circles', in which the company's strategies are explained to employees.

In total, we invest approximately 4,500 hours in employees training. Some of our courses are:

  • Master courses for Management, Human Resources and Knowledge Management
  • Industrial Operators for Steam Boilers
  • Technical Course on Tools for Business Intelligence
  • Basic Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Executive Secretarial Studies
  • Stock Management and Basic Logistics
  • Basic Super-sales
  • People Management Basics
  • Logistics Basics

Employee development

Logifruit supports internal promotion: 2 of the 6 members of the Board of Directors started at Logifruit in the washing department and have been working with us for 15 years.

In order to improve employees' work and prepare them for future positions, 100 % of our staff have periodic performance reviews and professional development meetings throughout the year.

In Logifruit we have always thought that a stable workforce is something crucial. Most staff therefore have open-ended contracts.

Effort and work culture

This effort and work culture philosophy requires that employees:

  • Get involved in their jobs and contribute with improvement proposals
  • Comply with working methods
  • Collaborate with all risks preventions systems in the workplace.
  • Overcome challenges

Humanist Company

Logifruit is aware of the human element of all its departments. For this reason one of our main principles is to maintain direct contact with our employees through the following ways:

  • We train and inform our employees
  • We adapt work to people instead of people to work
  • We explain the importance of work well done